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Power utilities

Time for smart grids

The way energy is generated and distributed is changing. As today’s large power plants are boosted by multiple sources of energy generation from wind farms to small-scale private solar-power panels, traditional operational strategies require a major rethink. All active sites must be integrated into the operational control system, and sub-stations will become essential monitoring and control points. What’s more, measurements need to be precisely timestamped to enable accurate analysis of network status and fast localization of any fault.

Precision and power

Accurate timestamping and synchronization between power infrastructure data points is key to rapid decision-making and automated assurance.
We’re now bringing accurate, reliable and cost-efficient packet time distribution to the edge of utility networks.

Sync security

As the attack surface grows and conventional network protection methods become ineffectual, synchronization networks need to mitigate GNSS vulnerabilities.

Unique capabilities

Our small form-factor grandmaster clock technology has already had a major impact on telecommunication networks across the world, supporting mass small cell rollout for the transition to 5G connectivity. Now, we’ve extended the capabilities of our pluggable OSA 5401 and OSA 5405 Series to bring accurate, reliable and cost-efficient packet time distribution to the edge of power networks. These feature-rich and incredibly efficient devices meet the IEC 61850-9-3 Utility Profile and IEEE C37.238 Power Profile for precise time distribution and clock synchronization in electrical grids with an accuracy of 1μs. What’s more, the OSA 5401 and OSA 5405 include advanced GNSS jamming and spoofing detection mechanisms, which are integrated in a centralized AI-based GNSS assurance toolkit.

Smooth transition

By supporting NTP, our solutions enable enterprises to run an on-premises high-capacity NTP server, while IRIG-B interfaces facilitate a seamless transition from legacy technologies to future-proof timing.

End-to-end synchronization

Our technology delivers precise timing from the central power plant to substations and decentralized energy generators. It enables utility networks to leverage flexible, real-time decision-making as well as automated monitoring and assurance. Our OSA 5420 grandmaster clocks with integrated multi-constellation GNSS receivers support various PTP profiles in combination with IRIG-B interfaces and a highly scalable NTP server for ease of integration into existing synchronization networks. What’s more, combining our scalable, multi-technology OSA 5430 or 5440 core grandmasters with our cesium atomic clocks creates an ePRTC timing solution. This provides both satellite- and packet-based timing for the highest levels of accuracy and availability, even in the most challenging situations such as spoofing and jamming attacks.

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