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Network management systems

Complete insight and control

Built around high-available and scalable data architecture, our Ensemble Controller and Ensemble Sync Director combine our proven and widely applied FSP network management solution with latest SDN control and virtualized network management for full control of the synchronization as well as the underlying transport network. With continuous, real-time visibility into the entire synchronization network in graphical format, operators can easily and efficiently prevent synchronization outages and loss of quality.

Availability, flexibility and scale

As synchronization and precise timing grow in importance in many infrastructure networks, centralized visibility and control of this mission-critical timing environment have become essential to synchronization network operations. That’s why we’ve created management solutions that provide the flexibility, availability, scalability and performance required to meet growing demand in network and application synchronization.


Optimized performance

One key element to ensuring maximum availability of time-critical applications is centralized management of all synchronization elements. Our management systems offer complete end-to-end control through a user-friendly point-and-click graphical user interface. What’s more, with comprehensive alarm, configuration and quality management, complexity is eliminated cost is dramatically reduced.

Ensemble Controller

Communication networks are evolving. The next few years will see a gradual but unstoppable transition from manual operations to automated control by overarching end-to-end orchestrators.  Consistency, scalability and reliability are key for a seamless migration to automated control ...
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Ensemble Sync Director

Distributing and assuring phase, frequency and time-of-day synchronization are critical components of today’s communication networks. Network operations increasingly depends on centralized visibility and control of this mission-critical timing environment ...
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