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Optical pumping cesium clocks

Unprecedented accuracy and stability for assured PNT

Our modern, digitally driven world is increasingly reliant on highly accurate timing information traceable to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Regulatory environments are also becoming more stringent, contributing to a need for more capable ground-based timing and synchronization solutions. Adtran Oscilloquartz optical cesium atomic clocks leverage a technique called optical pumping to set new precision and performance benchmarks. Using the technology, network operators can fortify critical national infrastructure with next-level accuracy and resilience.

Precision timing with industry's longest holdover

Oscilloquartz optical pumping cesium clocks put atoms into the correct state far more efficiently than legacy magnetic cesium solutions. The resulting improved accuracy and up to ten times greater clock stability exceeds the current ITU-T G.811.1 enhanced primary reference clock (ePRC) specification. What’s more, when combined with our core grandmaster devices to create an enhanced primary reference time clock (ePRTC), our most capable optical cesium solutions provide 100 nanoseconds of holdover for up to 55 days.

Robust defense against GNSS jamming and spoofing

With twice the lifespan of legacy magnetic cesium solutions and the ability to measure 100 times more atoms, Adtran’s highly efficient optical pumping cesium clock is fast becoming an indispensable element of timing and synchronization networks worldwide. Our all-digital, fully RoHS-compliant devices provide unrivaled precision for any mission-critical application and remain functional over extended periods, lowering the cost of network synchronization and rendering timing networks more sustainable and secure.

OSA 3350 Series

A new era is beginning in the history of time and frequency delivery. The levels of holdover that have so far been considered sufficient for synchronization infrastructure are no longer enough. As standard bodies such as ITU-T have revisited the specifications of ePRC and ePRTC ...
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OSA 3300 Series

Scientific research and space exploration are examples of fields that increasingly demand more precise and stable timing and synchronization sources. With magnetic cesium approaching the limits of its capabilities, we created our OSA 3300 High-Performance (OSA 3300-HP) and our OSA 3300 Super High-Performance (OSA 3300-SHP) optical cesium clocks ...
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