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Embedded timing solutions

Integrating synchronization expertise

Suppliers of switches, routers and other network devices are faced with the challenge of increasing accuracy requirements for timing and synchronization. It’s a complex issue, and solutions require a great deal of knowledge and experience. Now, though, there’s a way to harness the know-how of our expert team and leverage our market-leading synchronization technology through our embedded timing solutions. Equipment vendors can be free to focus on their key competencies while integrating Adtran timing modules, timing cards or PTP software stacks.

Timing modules

Until now, adding sophisticated timing capabilities to network devices was an expensive undertaking. But with our OSA 5400 SyncModule™, a network device can be enhanced with precise and feature-rich synchronization capabilities by simply plugging this timing module into a standard M.2 slot. With the power to utilize the comprehensive expertise and unique experience of our engineers, equipment vendors can gain a crucial competitive edge, using the benefits of advanced timing delivery to grow into new market segments.

OSA 5400 SyncModule™

Mobile networks, critical infrastructure and data centers need to be synchronized with ever-increasing levels of accuracy. Today’s technology cannot meet the needs of tomorrow and so equipment vendors have a decision to make ...
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OSA 5400 TimeCard™

Enterprises and critical network infrastructure are digitizing their operations. Purpose-built hardware devices are being replaced by standard servers or industrial PCs running virtualized applications. Frequently, however, these white boxes do not provide robust and accurate timing ...
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OSA SoftSync™

Critical infrastructure, governmental bodies and enterprises rely on precise timing for their distributed operations. While hardware-based timing networks can deliver accurate and resilient synchronization to the doorstep of their sites, the final step of providing precise ...
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