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Magnetic cesium clocks

Dependable and resilient timing and synchronization backup

Modern communication networks, power utilities, financial institutions and more depend on precise timing information. The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is commonly used as a primary source of this data. However, signals are weak and increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks, so systems need to be augmented with ground-based solutions capable of supplying the same level of accuracy. Magnetic cesium clocks are an optimal choice to provide holdover when GNSS is unavailable because they provide a stable source of precise timing information.

How magnetic cesium clocks work

Magnetic cesium clocks heat cesium atoms to form a beam that travels through the clock’s apparatus, causing the atoms’ electrons to transition from one ground state to another. A magnetic field is then used to separate out atoms with the desired state. These are then exposed to microwave radiation to induce transitions at the precise resonance frequency needed to measure time accurately. It’s a process that results in an extremely precise and stable source of timing that can be used to power the most demanding of applications over extended periods.

Protecting critical PNT infrastructure

Adtran’s compact and low-power magnetic cesium devices can be combined with our core grandmasters to create an enhanced primary reference time clock (ePRTC) that provides highly accurate timing and stable synchronization to significantly boost the reliability of GNSS-dependent networks. Whether deployed in defense, 5G or data center networks, Adtran’s industry-leading magnetic cesium clocks leverage a combination of unrivaled precision and industry-leading redundancy to guarantee the uninterrupted flow of timing and synchronization information.

OSA 3230 Series

Operators face significant challenges in meeting the increasingly stringent synchronization needs of new and emerging applications. Our OSA 3230 Series of accurate, stable and flexible atomic cesium clocks is designed to address these challenges ...
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