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Company overview

It’s about time

We’ve been pioneers of network synchronization technology for almost 75 years. Our innovative solutions assist enterprise organizations, governmental institutions and mobile network operators to overcome major challenges, whether that be meeting stringent requirements for frequency and phase synchronization or addressing urgent footprint, power consumption and sky view limitations. Our devices support the industry to address these issues while monitoring and assuring timing with stringent accuracy.

Precision planning for long-term success

In more than 90 countries, our solutions are empowering communication service providers as well as public and private network operators to achieve more with their networks. Our comprehensive and agile timing toolkit distributes and assures frequency, phase and time of day information and offers superb holdover performance, unbeatable capacity and unique hardware redundancy. What’s more, our focus on future-proof technology helps you avoid time-consuming, costly and disruptive upgrades further down the line.

Leading the way

We provide the industry with scalable solutions across multiple generations of synchronization technologies from legacy SONET/SDH to highly accurate frequency and time solutions for packet-based networks. We were also the first to integrate the delivery and assurance of synchronization. Now our technology is leading the way by taking timing accuracy to the next level with the smallest size and power consumption on the market. This enables precise synchronization where it’s needed most.