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Miniature grandmasters

Accuracy and efficiency in a tiny form factor

Mass migration to the cloud, the boom in 4G and the advent of 5G make finding precise, resilient and low-cost synchronization an urgent priority. Increasingly, operators are demanding the freedom to have access to sync signals at any point in the network and so with its low-touch provisioning and the most compact design on the market, our OSA 5401 provides the perfect solution. Thanks to its tiny SFP form factor, the OSA 5401 can be plugged into any host device even in the most space-restrictive environments. No additional power source or real estate is needed. With our OSA 5401, network designers are empowered to achieve what was once impossible. 

Optimum design

With its GNSS receiver and PTP grandmaster clock functionality, our OSA 5401 delivers the accurate timing that small cells require.
Though possibly the world’s smallest grandmaster clock, our OSA 5401 generates incredibly precise PTP frequency and phase synchronization for radio access and small cell networks, ensuring accuracy of less than one microsecond.

Unprecedented flexibility

Our miniature grandmaster clocks can be deployed with great versatility, bringing new levels of synchronization precisely where it’s needed.

Precise, resilient and affordable

Mobile network operators face the twin challenges of supporting higher data rates while at the same time needing to increase overall coverage. This means they need to pursue new avenues in radio access network synchronization. Air interface evolution and public small cells demand ultra-compact and cost-effective timing solutions for deployment deep in the radio access network. Though possibly the world’s smallest grandmaster clock, our OSA 5401 generates incredibly precise PTP frequency and phase synchronization, ensuring accuracy of less than one microsecond, using a combination of GNSS and network-based timing. Recent improvements to the OSA 5401’s GNSS capabilities, such as an elevation mask, a signal-to-noise ratio mask and fixed positioning, ensure more accurate time and frequency recovery, even in challenging environments such as urban canyon installations.

Next-generation synchronization

With its plug-and-play simplicity, minuscule form factor and multiple timing functions in a single device, our OSA 5405 SyncReach™ is a key technology for 5G networks and the IoT. 

Rugged endurance, high performance

Our OSA 5405 SyncReach™ integrated PTP grandmaster and GNSS receiver featuring our innovative dual antenna and receiver is a major milestone in the progress towards mass-scale small cell deployment and a vital stepping stone in the migration to 5G. Small cells will soon be everywhere requiring ultra-precise synchronization. Our OSA 5405 Series delivers. With GNSS-sourced synchronization supported by network-based Sync-E and PTP backups, we’re helping operators deliver new levels of phase accuracy. In high-rise buildings, it can also provide synchronization recovered from the GNSS smart receiver over optical fiber. Available in both indoor and outdoor variants, the OSA 5405 SyncReach™ can be deployed in the most challenging environments, including urban canyons where GPS signals fail. Our OSA 5405’s miniscule form factor also enables it to be positioned on indoor windows to avoid multipath signal interference from objects within the building.

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