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Cesium clocks

Precise network synchronization has become more vital than ever. As more people access real-time voice, video and gaming applications through mobile devices ...
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OSA 3350 and 3230 series

PTP grandmaster clocks

Whether at the edge or core of the mobile backhaul network, deep in radio access networks, in financial trading, utility distribution or defense communication networks ...
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PTP grandmasters

PTP slave & boundary clocks

Packet infrastructure relies on Precision Time Protocol (PTP) to synchronize timing devices across the network. Two essential components of the hierarchical ...
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GNSS clocks

With the internet of things (IoT) connecting more wireless devices and 5G just around the corner, small cells will have a big role to play. This market is set to grow exponentially ...
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NTP servers

The availability and distribution of accurate timing information across networks is important for many reasons. Even timing discrepancies as small as a fraction of a ...
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Synchronization monitoring

Cost-effective delivery of assured phase, frequency and time-of-day synchronization at the edge of mobile backhaul networks has become a real challenge ...
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SONET/SDH network synchronization

Synchronous optical networking (SONET) and synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) are standardized protocols that allow for the simultaneous transport ...
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Network management systems

Built around high-available and scalable data architecture, our Ensemble Controller and Ensemble Sync Director combine our proven and widely applied FSP network management solution ...
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Professional services

Planning, expanding or maintaining a network is a time-consuming affair, demanding attention and energy ...
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Our solutions keep the world's networks in sync and ensure the delivery and assurance of highly precise timing information.
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