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  • Core PTP Grandmasters family

    What is Synchronous Ethernet?

    Ethernet has become the world's communication technology of choice. It's simplicity and robustness have led to Ethernet dominating across a wide range ...
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  • GNSS clocks family image

    What is GNSS?

    Reliable network timing delivered by signals from the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) is a critical component of many services we now take for granted ...
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  • OSA 5420 series

    What is NTP?

    Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a set of rules and conventions for synchronizing server clocks in a computer network. A client can request time information from an NTP server ...
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  • OSA 5401 series

    What is PTP?

    Network Time Protocol (NTP), the long-established standard internet protocol for synchronizing computer clocks in data networks, is no longer sufficient. It can’t provide the high levels ...
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  • PTP grandmasters

    What are grandmaster clocks?

    The demand for exceptionally accurate network time sources has never been greater. From radio access to national defense infrastructure, local area networks ...
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  • OSA 5430 series

    What is GNSS vulnerability?

    Consider the speed of today’s financial markets. Think about air traffic control systems, military or healthcare infrastructure. All now rely on Global Navigation Satellite Systems ...
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  • Assured PNT graphic

    What is assured PNT?

    PNT (positioning, navigation, and timing) data from GNSS satellites can be leveraged to accomplish a multitude of tasks. In fact, PNT services are so useful that much of the world’s critical infrastructure ...
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  • OSA 5410 series

    What’s the difference between frequency and phase synchronization?

    Picture a radio base station sending radio frames while your smartphone receives them, allowing one frame per millisecond at the input port or antenna ...
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