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What is PTP?

Next-gen network timing

Network Time Protocol (NTP), the long-established standard internet protocol for synchronizing computer clocks in data networks, is no longer sufficient. It can’t provide the high levels of timing accuracy that sectors like financial trading, national power grids, and defense increasingly rely on. And, as CSPs roll out higher-speed LTE-A and 5G services, packet networks must evolve to satisfy ever more stringent time and phase sync regulations. By incorporating Precision Time Protocol (PTP) into their networks, operators can pave the way for ultra-precise phase and time synchronization.

Nanosecond precision

Migrating to PTP is key to 5G network synchronization.
Our suite of PTP grandmasters is optimized for deployment from the core of the network to the edge.

Syncing finance

Meeting regulatory requirements for timing accuracy in trading networks requires the transition from NTP to PTP.

How does PTP differ from NTP?

In contrast to NTP, which is frequently implemented by software, PTP preferably builds on timestamping at the physical interface. Transparent clock and boundary clock functionality of packet network devices mitigate latency and jitter. PTP provides sophisticated redundancy and management capabilities, which make it a preferred solution for mission-critical applications. There is a range of PTP profiles to adapt to specific applications for best performance, such as energy networks, communication networks and broadcasting among others.

Full range of deployment scenarios

Our synchronization devices deliver PTP timing with unprecedented levels of accuracy and holdover.

Sync-aware, everywhere

Our Oscilloquartz suite of timing solutions is optimized for deployment from the core of the network to the edge. Our core PTP grandmasters all feature a modular design that scales for future requirements. Mid-sized PTP grandmasters offer agility and power combined with a small form factor. Highly portable and edge-optimized GNSS PTP grandmasters deliver powerful sync capability right where it’s needed. And our ultra-compact SFP pluggable PTP grandmasters provide an inexpensive way to optimize legacy equipment for contemporary synchronization requirements.

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