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Multi-technology PTP and NTP time servers

More than one way to stay in sync

Business and society crucially depend on common time to consistently time-stamp transaction records, synchronize distributed control processes or keep a strict sequence of action. Some applications need to be synchronized only every other month, while others depend on a constant flow of very precise time information. The wide range or requirements has resulted in different time delivery technologies and protocols. A converged synchronization network is needed that meets any timing demand and is easy to implement and operate.

Combining PTP and NTP

Multi-technology PTP and NTP time servers with integrated GNSS receivers are key components of future-proof synchronization networks.
Our comprehensive portfolio of compact NTP servers uses hardware-implemented timing for unprecedented scalability.

Compact designs for any requirement

A unique portfolio of PTP and NTP time servers provided as SFP packages, embedded modules, PCIe cards or compact housings.

Simple installation with integrated antenna

Our unique timing solutions can be embedded with servers and white box switches, plugged into SFP ports or installed as self-sufficient network elements. Uniquely, a multi-band receiver with integrated antenna empowers our PTP and NTP time servers to be used with limited sky view, such as in urban canyons. They also remove the need for troublesome installation of coaxial cable to a remote antenna.

Boosting NTP server performance

Augmenting NTP with PTP and highly-accurate core clocks improves accuracy and resiliency for future-proof synchronization.

Unprecedented NTP server performance

Our comprehensive portfolio of compact NTP servers uses hardware-implemented timing for unprecedented scalability, serving more than half a million clients even with our most compact SFP-packed OSA 5401 SyncPlug™ solution. With our OSA 5400 embedded timing modules, NTP servers can easily be integrated into third-party devices such as white box switches or open servers, featuring accurate GNSS receivers and a range of oscillator options. The compact OSA 5405 SyncPlug™ devices can be installed indoor or outdoor, minimizing installation effort with an integrated antenna.

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