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Is it too early to say farewell to NTP?

Time has become a critical requirement in a digital world. Every aspect of our business and social lives relies on access to precise synchronization, and NTP is the most common protocol for network timing. But, with the speed of data processing increasing and the number of clients exploding, what can be done to ensure that NTP keeps up with ever more stringent accuracy requirements?

Can NTP be made more robust, accurate and reliable to meet the growing demand? And are other available timing technologies suitable as alternatives or to be used in combination with NTP? In this solution guide, we’ll explore the choices, including PTP, GNSS receivers and ultra-stable time clocks. 

Find out more about combining different options to develop an NTP evolution strategy that perfectly meets specific requirements. Discover our unique portfolio of synchronization solutions from the most compact SFP-hosted grandmasters to the most accurate core clocks. And learn how best to improve the accuracy and availability of your NTP service.