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What is NTP?

Keeping the world in sync

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a set of rules and conventions for synchronizing server clocks in a computer network. A client can request time information from an NTP server over a packet network. Implemented in a hierarchical, resilient architecture, NTP is a cost-effective and reliable method of delivering time information accurate to within a few milliseconds of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) that has been widely used in networks across the globe since the 1980s. NTP servers are designed to alleviate the effects of variable latency and time drift. As well as using highly accurate atomic clocks, they harness information from GNSS signals to receive UTC time and provide it to client clocks throughout the network.

Time distribution

NTP uses a hierarchical structure known as stratum levels with Stratum 0 being a cesium clock or a GNSS receiver for UTC-traceable satellite-provided time.
Based on our unique SyncjackTM PTP-/NTP-/GNSS-assurance technology, we can deliver the most advanced management solution for operating synchronization networks.

Reliable and precise

Configuring NTP clients to request time from multiple servers further boosts accuracy and resilience.

Millisecond timing

NTP is simple and user-friendly. It provides synchronization for infrastructure across a wide range of industries from telecommunications to enterprise data centers, from defense to utilities. In many areas, it’s a legal requirement to accurately synchronize computer systems and NTP is commonly utilized to comply with regulations in financial networks. While NTP delivers the precision needed for most commercial and industrial needs, there are a growing number of applications that require synchronization based on the more advanced Precision Time Protocol (PTP).

Accurate sync for all network elements

ADVA offers the most comprehensive portfolio of NTP and PTP time servers for scalable, resilient and future-proof timing networks.

Robust synchronization

ADVA’s unique portfolio of Oscilloquartz synchronization technologies ranges from the most compact SFP-hosted grandmasters to the most accurate core clocks. Our scalable accessSync™, edgeSync™ and coreSync™ solutions perfectly meet NTP transformation needs. With a range of PTP profiles and advanced PTP/NTP gateway functions, the Oscilloquartz solution portfolio supports any opportunity for making NTP networks secure, resilient and accurate. What’s more, based on our unique Syncjack™ PTP-/NTP-/GNSS-assurance technology, we can deliver the most advanced management solution for operating synchronization networks in an easy and transparent way.

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