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Better times for smart grids

Relying solely on timing delivered by GNSS receivers to synchronize power network substations is no longer sufficient. Now that utility networks are categorized by regulators as critical infrastructure, the risk to operational integrity of interference, jamming and spoofing is simply too great. To avoid the threat of power outages, packet networks need to provide precise timing as backup. Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is the technology of choice.

The way energy is generated and distributed is changing and traditional operational strategies require a major rethink. To support these changes, the one-way distribution network needs to evolve into an intelligent power grid. And, for secure and reliable operation, real-time monitoring and health assessment is needed with measurements precisely timestamped.

With our comprehensive portfolio of synchronization solutions, utility infrastructure operators can easily migrate their substations to IP-based timing while supporting legacy timing signals. Find out more about our highly compact, zero-footprint SFP-based grandmaster technology, which easily converts any non-timing-aware device into a PTP-enabled application. And discover how our ultra-stable primary reference time clocks for the network core provide the most reliable foundation for any timing architecture.