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OSA 5405 Series

Compact and robust site synchronization

Across all industries, it’s become vital to synchronize networks in a resilient and accurate way. From service providers rolling out 5G to broadcasting or power utilities harnessing bandwidth-intensive, latency-sensitive applications, today’s network operators need solutions that enable a smooth transition from legacy timing and which protect against the vulnerability of GNSS-delivered synchronization. What’s more, they need a device that can be deployed indoor, outdoor and in the most challenging locations. That’s why we created our OSA 5405 to effectively deliver onsite synchronization via PTP and NTP directly from the smart antenna, ensuring optimal performance in any environment without restrictions. With five variants, our OSA 5405 Series is optimized for five specific use cases: indoor deployment (OSA 5405-I), power utilities (OSA 5405-P), outdoor deployment (OSA 5405-O), where multi-band receiver technology is required for enhanced precision and resilience (OSA 5405-MB) and areas where GNSS reception is a challenge (OSA 5405-S). Equipped with LEO-based Satellite Time and Location (STL) technology, our OSA 5405-S variant is perfectly suited for applications ranging from 5G networks to data centers and power grids.

Meeting stringent mobile timing requirements

Our OSA 5405 Series has been specifically engineered to deliver the strict synchronization needed for 4.5G and 5G.
Synchronization right at the edge of the network can now be easily achieved.

Simplifying GNSS receiver roll-out

Harnessing our OSA 5405-I/O/MB/S to efficiently migrate away from legacy GNSS RF antennas and coax cables to Ethernet reduces capital expenditure and operating costs.

From 5G to smart grids

This highly versatile product range features optimized variants for a wide range of applications. Available in both indoor and outdoor variants, our OSA 5405 Series can be deployed in even the most difficult environments, such as urban canyons, where GNSS signals often fail. With its rugged housing for outdoor deployment, our OSA 5405-I/O/MB/S delivers unparalleled freedom to locate synchronization precisely where it’s most effective. Our multi-band variant, the OSA 5405-MB, leverages multiple frequency bands for improved resiliency and highest accuracy. The small footprint of our OSA 5405-I and its integrated GNSS receiver and antenna mean it can also be installed on indoor windows to avoid multipath signal interference. Our OSA 5405-S can be installed even when GNSS is unavailable due to poor reception, inability to set up an outdoor antenna or issues with jamming and spoofing.

Superior signal strength

Integrating both LEO time services and multi-constellation GNSS, the OSA 5405-S harnesses STL with strength up to 1,000 times that of conventional GNSS signals.

No timing compromises with critical infrastructures

It’s not only the excellence of our GNSS receivers but a rich set of interfaces and comprehensive management features that make our OSA 5405 Series a perfect match for even the most mission-critical applications. For automated substations and power utilities, our OSA 5405-P combines legacy timing interfaces such as IRIG-B, NTP and PPS with satellite- and network-delivered synchronization for highest availability and excellent accuracy. Its ultra-precise GNSS-sourced synchronization is supported by network-based Synchronous Ethernet and PTP backups. What’s more, our Ensemble Controller and Ensemble Sync Director – with comprehensive Syncjack™ and GNSS assurance – guarantee efficient operations.

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