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OSA 3350 Series

Exceptional stability and unrivalled accuracy

A new era is beginning in the history of time and frequency delivery. The levels of holdover that have so far been considered sufficient for synchronization infrastructure are no longer enough. As standard bodies such as ITU-T have revisited the specifications of ePRC and ePRTC, more stringent requirements have emerged, and existing magnetic cesium technology cannot meet the increasingly demanding holdover needs of mission-critical network infrastructure like fixed, mobile, power or cable networks. Our new optical cesium atomic clocks are the response. With our OSA 3350 technology, we’re changing the direction of network synchronization.

OSA 3350 ePRC+

Our OSA 3350 ePRC+ was the market’s first enhanced primary reference clock (ePRC) that leverages optical pumping technology. This optimizes the process of selecting and measuring atoms, enabling these highly efficient, low-power devices to deliver 100 nanoseconds of holdover for a minimum of 30 days. Our OSA 3350 ePRC+ is scalable, robust and compact enough to be deployed in space-constrained environments common to enterprise sites and data centers, making it an ideal choice for providing highly accurate and stable backup when GNSS is inaccessible or unreliable.

OSA 3350 SePRC

Our OSA 3350 SePRC offers a guaranteed 45 days of holdover and typically achieves 55 days. This long-term protection significantly enhances the reliability of GNSS-dependent PNT infrastructure. Like our OSA 3350 ePRC+, our OSA 3350 SePRC is specifically designed to act as a highly accurate and dependable secondary timing source for time-as-a-service (TaaS) and GNSS backup-as-a-service (GBaaS) providers. It’s also ideal for communication service providers and operators of critical national infrastructure that face stringent timing and synchronization requirements.

OSA 3350 SePRC+

When it comes to optical cesium clock innovation, our OSA 3350 SePRC+ stands at the summit. It maintains 100 days of 100-nanosecond precision, providing supreme reliability and incredibly robust protection. Destined to become a crucial component for ensuring the integrity of mission-critical applications and supporting PNT-dependent critical infrastructure such as defense communication networks, our OSA 3350 SePRC+ easily outperforms legacy magnetic cesium clocks and surpasses even the most stringent recommendations for timing and synchronization.

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