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Digitization of cable networks

Digitization of cable networks

Multiple-system operators (MSOs) today have access to more opportunities but also face the pressure of more competition than ever before. In order to deliver more advanced voice, video and internet services and expand into additional markets, they need to push the limits of their networks, harnessing automation, becoming more agile and improving quality.


Cable networks must evolve. The latest DOCSIS 3.1 technology brings higher user bandwidth and unleashes an unprecedented level of resource efficiency. But this demands architectural change and requires analog optical transmission between the headend and fiber node to be substituted with a digital optical link.


Read how we’re enabling MSOs to take advantage of digitized fiber node technology, also known as remote PHY devices, and supporting the transition to distributed access architectures. By extending the size of the access network, streamlining operations and delivering network synchronization, we’re opening up a new world of opportunities for cable networks.