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FSP Network Manager

A complete management solution

End-to-end management and uninterrupted monitoring are essential to guarantee network performance. Specifically engineered to focus on your core business, our FSP Network Manager offers a user-friendly management system for networks built from ADVA FSP and OSA elements. It streamlines operational processes, assists in the isolation of faults, gathers performance data and delivers comprehensive reporting for seamless data and synchronization network operations. 

Optimized sync performance

Our FSP Network Manager improves the surveillance and maintenance of your network elements, guaranteeing operational success.
Our FSP Network Manager boasts an intuitive graphical user interface and wealth of sorting and filtering options.

Intuitive design for operational simplicity

Our FSP Network Manager offers centralized visibility and control of network infrastructure, eradicating the complexity of synchronization network management.

Dramatically improving network operations

The key to creating a streamlined and efficient network is to simplify your data and synchronization network operations with a management system that works for you and your organization. Our FSP Network Manager is fully customizable across all interfaces, matching your needs and requirements. Our solution also integrates with pre-existing operations support systems (OSS) by offering powerful northbound interfaces, making our network manager the ultimate tailor-made solution.

Automation you can rely on

Our FSP Network Manager enables innovative automation for the delivery and assurance of intelligent synchronization, increasing efficiency in problem diagnostics.

Eradicate complexity

Our FSP Network Manager, part of our advanced network management suite, boasts an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and wealth of sorting and filtering options. Your operational staff can simply and efficiently manage the synchronization network, regardless of its size or complexity. With our FSP Network Manager’s automated procedures, even tedious and time-consuming processes, such as configuration backups or software downloads, become effortless tasks. 

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