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Jörg Urban addresses new railway network timing and sync requirements at ITSF

Presentation will demonstrate how grandmaster clocks can be combined with atomic cesium solutions to meet the latest global standards

  • Speakers: Jörg Urban, VP, business development, OSA EMEA, Adtran
  • Topics: Timing and sync requirements in railway networks 
  • When: Wednesday, November 1, 12:05 p.m. CET
  • Where: ITSF 2023, Hilton Antwerp Old Town, Antwerp, Belgium

Modern railway networks use timing and synchronization solutions to enhance the safety, efficiency and reliability of services. The technology is key to signaling systems, scheduling, communications, GPS tracking, maintenance and much more. And with the introduction of the Future Railway Mobile Communication System framework, network timing is set to play an even more important role in railway applications.

In this session, Jörg Urban will explain how Adtran’s enhanced primary reference time clock (ePRTC) meets FRMCS requirements and provides precise, assured timing for railway infrastructure. He will also detail how Adtran’s optical cesium atomic technology enables extended holdover during periods of GNSS instability and unavailability. Register now for the in-person event beginning October 30.