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Chuck Perry explains how PNT networks can be securely managed at WSTS

Presentation to explore intelligent PNT platforms with early threat detection and mitigation capabilities

  • Speaker: Chuck Perry, manager, business development, Oscilloquartz, Adtran 
  • Topics: Best practices for secure PNT management in a multi-vendor environment 
  • When:  Tuesday, March 14, 11:25 a.m. PDT
  • Where: WSTS 2023, JW Marriott Parq, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Threats to PNT are becoming more sophisticated and growing in frequency. This creates the need for a secure and resilient end-to-end PNT management system with intelligent functions that protect, recover and maintain timing. The system must also leverage the investment of multi-vendor timing equipment across an end user network.

In this presentation, Chuck Perry will explore an intelligent, vendor-agnostic PNT management platform with fault-tolerant and defense-in-depth capabilities. He’ll discuss how it auto-detects PNT cyberattacks and manages PNT sources with a zero-trust multi-source framework to maintain a secure and resilient PNT network. Register now for the in-person or virtual event beginning March 13.