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Jeremy Thomas outlines the evolution of enterprise timing at ITSF

Presentation will explore today’s synchronization solutions and look at how future technology will deliver new levels of timing stability

  • Speaker: Jeremy Thomas, enterprise business development, Oscilloquartz, ADVA 
  • Topics: Precise and assured timing for enterprise networks
  • When: Tuesday, November 8, 2:05 p.m. CET
  • Where: ITSF 2022, Kö59 Hotel, Dusseldorf, Germany. 

Reliable, traceable and precise timestamping and synchronization are vital for enterprise networks, especially in the financial sector. Operating securely as well as meeting the latest standards and regulations is critical. At the same time, organizations are looking to outsource infrastructure and capabilities, while communications and data center operators are expanding their provision and services to the sector. 

In this presentation, Jeremy Thomas will explore the evolution and future of timing and resilience in enterprise infrastructure. Register for the event beginning November 7.