Cesium Clock

Primary Reference Clock source using the Digital Cesium technology

The Cesium clocks offer a unique set of operational features and performance meeting the most stringent requirements in terms of accuracy and stability for any type of clock signals over a long period.

OSA 3230B PRC and ePRC

Our OSA 3230B PRC is a highly stable and accurate cesium clock that provides a frequency source with an accuracy better than ±1x10-12, together with very high frequency stability. The OSA 3230B ePRC achieves this and more. It meets the much more stringent enhanced PRC requirements, including maintaining sub-nanosecond time deviation (TDEV) for at least 10,000s.

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OSA 3235B Cesium Clock

Taking into consideration its unique reduced volume, the OSA 3235B offers a set of operation features and performance without comparison on the market. Available with a long life cesium tube, OSA 3235B will meet the requirements where performances are needed over a long period of time. Read more »


Atomic clocks standards are needed to generate highly accurate frequencies. These are typically used as Primary Reference in telecommunications networks, navigations systems, ground stations (LORAN C, GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, etc…), long wave and medium wave broadcasting stations. Read more »

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