Primary Reference Sources

Cesium clocks

These clocks provide the most precise frequency to the network. Their accuracy exceeds ITU-T G.811 and Stratum 1 norms.

OSA 5430

With our OSA 5430, a carrier-grade IEEE 1588v2 grandmaster clock supporting 10Gbit/s as well as 1Gbit/s interfaces with hardware timestamping, cost-effective and accurate synchronization distribution for next-generation technologies such as LTE-A is no longer a challenge. What’s more, its NTP server, multiple BITS outputs and GNSS receiver capabilities, make it also ideal for the smooth upgrade of legacy synchronization architectures.

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OSA 3230B PRC and ePRC

Our OSA 3230B PRC is a highly stable and accurate cesium clock that provides a frequency source with an accuracy better than ±1x10-12, together with very high frequency stability. The OSA 3230B ePRC achieves this and more. It meets the much more stringent enhanced PRC requirements, including maintaining sub-nanosecond time deviation (TDEV) for at least 10,000s.

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OSA 3235B Cesium Clock

Taking into consideration its unique reduced volume, the OSA 3235B offers a set of operation features and performance without comparison on the market. Available with a long life cesium tube, OSA 3235B will meet the requirements where performances are needed over a long period of time. Read more »

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